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Global Marketing Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 1 Global marketing refers to marketing activities that take place across national borders and outside of the firm’s home country Involvement in global marketing does not mean that a firm must sell its products in every country or region of the world Coordination and integration of marketing strategy with an emphasis on standardization are central tenet of GM Evolution of the conceptDomestic marketing – International sales are incidental to marketing strategy Multidomestic marketing – unique strategy for each country market Global marketing – Focus now on standardization and global segments Local marketing – Standardization but with a focus on the needs of local customers â€Å"Glocal Marketing† reflects the need for balance between global marketing, with a focus on standardization, and local marketing, with its focus on adaptation to country differences GlobalizationGlobalization refers to the increased integration of the worldâ€℠¢s economies. Ongoing global technological innovation in marketing has direct effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of all business activities. Globalization reflects a business orientation based on the belief that the world is becoming more homogeneous and that distinctions between national markets are not only fading but, for some products, will eventually disappear. Forms of globalization: Globalization of markets vs. Globalization of production Drivers of Globalization Market factors – convergence of markets, diffusion of telecommunication & internet. Growing # of retailers are now showing great flexibility in their strategies for entering new geographic markets * Cost factors – avoiding cost inefficiencies and duplication of effort are two of the most powerful globalization drivers. Economies of scale refers to the reduction in per unit cost of production. Economies of scope refers to reduced cost per unit as the firm spreads its total costs over a large numb er of brands, product lines, or target markets. Environmental factors – government barriers have fallen dramatically in the last several years and this has further facilitated the globalization of markets and the activities of marketers within them. Rapid technological evolution is contributing to the process. * Competitive factors – to remain competitive, the marketer may have to be the first to do something or to be able to match or pre-empt competitor’s moves. Without a global network, a marketer may run the risk of seeing carefully researched ideas picked off by global players.Market presence may be necessary to execute global strategies and to prevent others from having undue advantage in unchallenged markets. The anti-globalization movement The globalization trend has drawn its fair share of critics over the years. Anti-globalists have expressed concerns about the impact of the trend on the poor, the environment, and on national sovereignty. Many anti-glob alization protests have turned violent in the past Opportunities and challenges in global marketingThe growth of global business activities offers increased opportunities. International activities can be crucial to a firm’s survival and growth. By transferring knowledge around the globe, an international firm can build and strengthen its competitive position. What is needed is an awareness of global developments, an understanding of their meaning, and a development of capabilities to adjust to change. Willing or unwilling, firms are becoming participants in global business affairs.

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Hills Like White Elephants Essay

Hills Like White Elephants tells the story of a woman, Jig, and a man known only as the American, sitting in a train station. Though the story is brief, it has much to say. When reading the story for the first time its full effect doesn’t set in. By taking a closer look and rereading the story, a bigger situation is revealed other than what seems to be a dull conversation. Jig is pregnant and the American man is pressuring her into having an abortion. The little details in the story, some which may slip by you, symbolize the man and woman’s situation. The story takes place in a train station in Spain. The whole story is set around Jig and the American man waiting on the train to arrive. But it isn’t really the train they are waiting on, its answers. They are stuck at a crossroad like a train. Which direction to go? Which train tracks to go down? In other words which path do they choose for their future? Should she keep the baby or should she give in to the man’s pressuring. At the end of the story the American man â€Å"looked up the tracks but could not see the train. † That could be interpreted as the man not seeing what his future holds. It also means that he doesn’t know when the couple’s answers will come and be solved if they ever are. Although the train symbolizes the choice in a path it also symbolizes time. â€Å"the express from Barcelona would come in forty minutes†. Time moves quickly through the story because what seems to be a short conversation takes up most of the time they had before the train was to arrive. By the end of the story there is only 5 minutes until the train comes. The train like Jig and the man’s life is moving rather quickly. The train suggests that they don’t have much time to decide on what they’re going to do about the baby. Jig compares the hills that surround the train station to white elephants. â€Å"They look like white elephants she said. † In response the man says â€Å"I’ve never seen one. † In which she replies â€Å"No, you wouldn’t have. † In this case white elephants symbolize a situation that is unavoidable. Like in the phrase â€Å"the elephant in the room†, the elephant is big and almost impossible to avoid. Jig and the man’s situation is an elephant in the room. No matter how hard they try to dodge their problem, it’s always going to be there. The lines quoted above also suggest that Jig feels that the man never had to deal with something as substantial as this life changing decision. When reading a piece of literature some things may seem to slip by us. For example when reading Hills Like White Elephants the waitress puts the drinks down on felt pads. When reading it’s for the first time, the felt pads are just coasters and the drink is just a drink. But when rereading the short story the felt pads represent more, they symbolize an intake of feelings, thoughts and personal opinions. And what seems to be a simple alcoholic drink can be interpreted as bottled up emotions. â€Å"The woman brought out two glasses of beer and two felt pads. She put the felt pads and the beer glasses on the table and looked at the man and the girl. † A coasters purpose is to catch the drips of water that condensates from cold beverages. In this case the drips that came from the cold beer can represent all the emotions that Jig and the man were feeling about their situation that were finally released during their conversation. All those emotions and thought were captured and soaked up by the felt pad. By the end â€Å"the woman came out through the curtains with two glasses of beer and put them down on the damp felt pads. † The felt pad represents how Jig and the American man intake each others feelings. The felt pads are damp in the end because so many emotions were taken in. The bead curtains separate the man and Jig from the bar and its main purpose is â€Å"to keep out flies. † The bead curtains are transparent meaning that both Jig and the man are able to see through them. The bead curtain symbolizes a problem that both Jig and the American man can see but are unable to reach a solution to. They can’t reach a solution because of a barrier which is also represented by the curtains. The barrier separates Jig and the man. â€Å"The girl looked at the bead curtain, put her hand out and took hold of two of the strings of beads. † This seems to be Jigs way of trying to understand the man view; she takes hold of the barrier but doesn’t quite go through. Although Hills Like White Elephants seems like a shorts story with not much to it, when reread numerous times, the story becomes much more. The little details that aren’t very noticeable when read the first time become the backbone of what the story is truly about. The symbols in the story suggest meanings that are larger than itself. The story of what’s thought to be a mundane conversation between a man and woman turns out to be a conversation about a life changing situation.

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Stop motivating your employees Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Stop motivating your employees - Research Paper Example When employees are recognized for their distinctive associations, the motivation premise will set in easily. This helps them to grow beyond a certain point and get encouraged all the same. Nearly each and every employee has a characteristic of their own which needs to be appreciated within the domains of an organization. This can be discerned through meeting employees who stand a chance to get recruited within the domains of an organization. What this implies is the fact that these potential employees are asked for certain questions which suggest for their motivation levels. If they are de-motivated then this is a good time to know why this is the case (Robbins et al., 2008). If they are encouraged properly, they shall find a way to get motivated because it is every organization’s priority number one. There cannot be any two opinions about new employees who should be motivated enough to run the reigns of an organization. When strong relations are built with employees, they bec ome motivated to carry out their respective tasks. If these relations turn into positive ones, there would be more delight amongst the employees and they will always appreciate the organization for all its efforts, endeavors and undertakings (Sirota et al., 2006). It will essentially stop de-motivating the employees who are proactively looking for a way through which they can learn new avenues and seek novel grounds as far as their working domains are concerned. Hence it is a good measure if the de-motivation comes to a halt immediately, whereby there is more room to grow and develop for the employees and workers to boost the business in the real sense of the word. Another way through which de-motivation can be avoided within employees is to set individual goals for them so that they achieve them without much difficulty. It makes their tasks cut out and they know exactly what is required of them from an organizational standpoint. When the employees have hard specific and achievable goals up their sleeves, they will always remains motivated enough to come back to work day in and day out. They will know exactly what is required of them and what resources they must employ to attain their respective results (Sirota et al., 2006). This is a very significant aspect of learning new methodologies while remaining motivated all this while. What is even more necessary is the fact that employees must always know that whatever they are trying their hands at is achievable right from the outset. This shall shape up their actions and tell them exactly how they are going along with their respective work domains (Robbins et al., 2008). If they believe they cannot achieve these tasks, then there is bound to be more de-motivated existent within their ranks. Providing feedback on employees’ performance is one of the few ways through which their work regimes get measured. This could either be done in an annual feedback session or through semi-annual programs (Robbins et al., 2008). The need is to tell the employees exactly where they stand and what more they can do in the future. It shall always motivate the employees because their respective domains mean that the business will start to prosper (Sirota et al., 2

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Learning Through Volunteer Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Learning Through Volunteer Work - Essay Example From missing the morning bus and learning to be punctual to dealing with people and learning how to be cold and warm in different situations, everything gives people something to learn from. People usually post their efforts into learning something new in order to achieve a certain goal. For example, learning a new language might help a person in improving his skills and thus open up new horizons for him with regard to choosing a career option. Through this paper, I have attempted to underline the various goals that I have been able to achieve by very significant learning experiences that I have incurred during the course of my lifetime, and how the same has helped me in growing as an individual into a better person with more sensitivity towards society. A person can never stop learning something even when he consciously makes an effort not to. This is because even in such a situation, it is evident that he will understand something that will definitely help him later in life and thu s, nothing is wasted. All time spent, even idly, teaches a man how to spend his time more responsibly so as to not regret the future. Every learning experience provides the individual to learn and achieve some goal or the other. For the purpose of listing down the learning experiences that I have had, I have also talked about the various goals aimed to achieve because they provide incentives to doing something, and have explained subsequently what these goal areas mean to me and how I have been able to achieve them with the learning experiences that I have had the opportunity to have. The first goal area focused on is engaged citizenship. Engaged citizenship refers to when as a member of society, one immerses him into work in order to be in touch with other members as well as provide them with the help that they need. For example, being a shop owner and interacting with people on a daily basis engage one engaged with other citizens in terms of his professional life. Helping out thos e in need like charities and orphanages also provides for engaged citizenship because it allows individuals to be engaged with others and help each other out by understanding the problems that others have. The second goal area is personal growth – this is simple to understand as every learning experience helps an individual to grow and develop from within. From spending time with older people at old age homes and teaching young children to read and write, personal growth within an individual will always be achieved as one understands the art of patience and even learns from others in the process. The third goal is self-directed learning as it involves learning by being a part of an experience. This goal assists an individual to put himself headfirst into a situation and think on his feet while trying to find a solution for the problem that he is in. In essence, it assists him to grow better while teaching himself rather than learning something from an external source. The fou rth goal area being focused on is one’s career and education – learning experiences account for some of the best opportunities that a person has to improve himself and his life and these opportunities mold a person in such a manner that he can also apply the experiences that he has had to his professional

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Popular Culture Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Popular Culture - Movie Review Example Thirteen days movie is about interpersonal influence and decision making. It can also be reflected on narrative theory, organization, contextualized sequences of events which can be seen in case studies, classroom discussions of any management topics. This movie makes us to think about how decisions are made in organizations, where, and why. It involves strategy, critical reasoning and decisiveness to conclude on a holistic perspective. Strategic decisions are not event based in this movie but more on political views. The movie plot has uncertainties, intense pressures and unfolding of disastrous events which can happen in any management. When Kennedy is making decisions we can relate to the senior managements decision making policy which are mostly politicized than general reasoning. Contextual, temporal and processual factors play a key role in influencing decisions which mostly takes place in all organizations. There are key influencers who make the decisions and impose on the man agement. In October 1962, U-2 surveillance photos reveal that the Soviet Union is in the process of placing missiles carrying nuclear weapons in Cuba. These weapons have the capability of wiping out most of the Eastern and Southern United States in minutes if they become operational. President John F. Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood) and his advisers must come up with a plan of action to prevent their activation.

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Balance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Balance - Essay Example For instance, it received wide recognition and application in Europe in the 1960s (Landa 84). This was nearly 60 years after the graphic design profession had been established. Despite receiving different reception in different eras globally, graphic design has become a universal communication and problem solving platform using visual space and images. The difference between art and design is that art strives to elucidate various ideas about the human condition whereas designed seeks to communicate information in the most effective manner (Mullet and Sano 9). Visual design and communication usually employ images and space that sometimes only have national understanding and appreciation while others often have international or global appreciation and effect. Therefore, this essay aims at analyzing how different graphic designs and graphic designers have managed to create balance in the visual communication aspects. The essay also seeks to reveal various areas and examples where numerical balance is represented all around the world as well as different forms of numerical representations. There are five principles of design namely rhythm, proportion, dominance, unity and most importantly, balance. Balance refers to the manner in which the design elements in a composition are arranged and how they relate to each other to depict the overall composition. Balance can be defined as a condition in which various elements are equivalent and similar or are in the correct proportions. Various elements in a composition have different weights because of differences in color, shape, size and positioning. If the composition is poorly balanced, the entire composition fails to appeal to the eyes of potential viewers. However, a graphic designer needs to ensure all aspects of the design elements are well positioned, and well aligned to create a successful design. Balance can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Generally, symmetrical balance refers to a scenarios in which

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Take a position by answering-is it possible to define and measure Essay

Take a position by answering-is it possible to define and measure happiness - Essay Example The desire to understand and seek happiness has been profound among individuals and scholars like Plato, Aristotle and Mills. To prove the complexity of happiness, all the scholars had different views which make happiness a mystery. In his article Critchley (449) asserts that there is no clear definition that fits the imaginable aspect of happiness. He asserts that happiness can only be measured when certain conditions are met. The conditions, described by Rousseau state that a happy person should not be bound by anything including time, no consideration of the present nor the future, and no pain or pleasure. This implies that with absence of any of the imperatives, then a person cannot be described as happy. Consequently, happiness cannot be explained by science theories that may attempt to lay measurement criteria (Critchley 450). In the real world, the requirements of happiness as described by Rousseau cannot be achieved, this is because the world is fast changing and the people a re often time conscious. A person minds more of the present and the future by carefully managing his or her time. Death is unforeseen and thus there cannot be a guarantee of continuity of existence. As such, measuring happiness proves to be a difficult task. In the subsequent arguments, Critchley asserts that human beings can be considered happy if they attained the status of a super being like God, where all the factors that define happiness are present. However, this status cannot be achieved in a contemporary world. Trying to understand happiness reigns in day to day activities of people. People try to lay their own definitions of what happiness might be and try to work towards the objective. These arguments can be in form of gaining property and wealth, positions in the social and political quarters and also fame. However, all this pursues do not guarantee happiness. One would argue that a wealthy person is happy! The answer would definitely be no. This is because happiness cann ot be created out of wealth rather it can be created from the satisfaction that one gets from wealth. In addition, Mill explained that the more a person tries to gauge how happy he or she is, the more he or she becomes confused. This leads to enlightenment that happiness cannot be measured by material well-being of a person. As such, probing the definition of happiness will always make people unhappy due to extreme requirements of happiness. In the current world, happiness cannot be measured due to the ever changing economic and social conditions, that is, what seems to be a happiness parameter is quickly eroded by the dynamic world. This is because the current justification of happiness has been inclined on material welfare of people that than satisfaction of the soul. Doctors have claimed that the genetic composition of a person can show the level of happiness (Kingwell 414). This has been brought about by scientists who believe that genes can bring a smile on a person. Maybe this is true; however, smiling may not be regarded as happiness. In one way, smiling can be used as an indicator of happiness, in the other way; smiling does not always imply that a person is happy. This is because it can be faked to fit an occasion. According to Aristotle, happiness can result from living an honorable life. Mill also asserts that a dissatisfied human is better than a satisfied pig. This follows a series of

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Choose one out of three in the instructions Essay

Choose one out of three in the instructions - Essay Example e against Gay Marriage,† focuses on the potential negative effects of same-sex marriage on the educational and psychological development of children and how same-sex marriage is against liberalism. Thus, the main objections of the dissidents of same sex marriage are: 1) gay marriage should be illegal, because homosexual behavior is immoral (Ferguson 39), 2) allowing gay marriage will put a â€Å"stamp of approval† on gay conduct (Rajczi 488), 3) legalizing gay marriage is illiberal (Shell), and 4) same-sex marriage will weaken traditional marriage and produce a wide array of social harms (Nussbaum; Shell). This paper provides counterarguments to these main arguments of those against same-sex marriage. The central rebuttal argument for this paper answers the question: Should gay marriages be allowed? The previous paragraph shows the major arguments of those against marriage. This paper presents counterarguments to the validity and credibility of these claims. It will provide an overview of the arguments against gay marriage, which will be countered one by one. Gay marriages should be allowed, because not all immoral actions have been sanctioned by the government; gay marriage is not against liberalism; gay conduct is an example of free speech act that the Constitution protects; and researchers against same-sex marriage have not provided concrete empirical evidence that same-sex marriage is bad for gay spouses, children, and society in general. First, opponents of gay marriage argue that gay marriage should be illegal, because homosexual behavior is immoral (Ferguson 39; Whitehead 74). The state, however, is expected to treat all citizens as equals. When asked, â€Å"What does it mean for the government to treat its citizens as equals?† Ronald Dworkin eminently answers that â€Å"government must be neutral on what might be called the questions of the good life† (Barry 335). This pledge of neutrality is captured in the â€Å"Basic Principle† of liberalism: â€Å"The

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Regulation of cancer cell proliferation using siRNA tchnology Research Paper - 2

Regulation of cancer cell proliferation using siRNA tchnology - Research Paper Example The cancer stem cells are connected to maintain the unlimited and self-renewal growth capabilities of cancer while only consist of a small potion of the tumor. Consequently, cancer stem cells could be responsible for tumor progression, metastasis, and drug/treatment resistance development. Other studies have proved that small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) play a big on what genes are expressed or not expressed through gene silencing capabilities. Excitingly, siRNAs might provide some new perception into the complexities of cancer. These siRNA molecules could hold a huge potential therapeutically in the fight against cancer. This paper, discuses the functions of siRNAs and cancer stem cells and explain the link between these 2 topics. The paper also present methods to employ in current and forthcoming research to study the topics and expound upon different molecular therapy options that may have implications in altering cancer stem cells dysregulation and fighting