Thursday, September 26, 2019

Care plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Care plan - Essay Example The condition is characterized with general weakness. It is common in elderly people like Ann and can be caused by pulmonary-related problems caused by smoking. In addition, the process of aging itself can limit the functionality and strength of muscles. It may also be related to certain conditions such as obesity, side effects of certain medications, emotional conditions like depression. In addition, it can be as a result imbalance supply and demand of oxygen. Anxiety is a state of fear and apprehension or uneasiness of someone’s mind due to fear of danger or certain misfortunes. It may be caused by environmental factors, genetic factors, and chemistry of the brain factors as well as medical factor. It may also be caused by drug abuse such as tobacco, which might be the possible cause for Ann’s anxiety. Stress in people’s lives is the most factor that can trigger anxiety. In addition, it may also be as a response to external forces. Knowledge deficit is a condition resulting to lack of cognitive information that is related to a particular topic. In this case, Ann may be suffering from knowledge deficit of her anxiety, activity intolerance and ineffective airways. It is always characterized by physical limitation, misinterpreting the information. Lack of learning motivation, emotional conditions that may affect learning, being unfamiliar with resources of information. For the ineffective airway clearance, the outcome criteria with time will be an improved breath sounds, normal rhythm and respiration depth, there will be a decreased dyspnea, the patient will have an oxygen gas within the normal range. To assess the airway of the patient for patency by asking Ann to say her name, to assess the quality of respiratory, depth, effort and pattern, and finally, to perform inspection to find whether there are certain obstructions in the trachea or mouth. To maintain a

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