Monday, September 9, 2019

THE MULTI-FACETED ROLE OF THE TEACHER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

THE MULTI-FACETED ROLE OF THE TEACHER - Essay Example All countries are on the same boat in terms of increasing the quality of education in their respective countries. In this regard, the countries have set aside programs that augment the current educational background or expertise of the teachers. Specifically, the findings of both the McNair Report of 1944 and the James Committee of Enquiry in 1971 have focused on the improvement of the U.K. educational institutions. The two research findings indicate that the government’s priority is the recruitment of new teachers and the retention of currently hired teachers. Likewise, both reports show that the governments’ thrust is on the educational training of current as well as prospective teachers. However, the training of currently teachers has been placed on the backseat of car known as education. \ Further, the article clearly shows that the government and the educational organizations must focus on improvement of the teaching quality because the students are the hope of the nation. The same article clearly shows that the government should join in the plan to give the current and prospective teacher the best quality education training. The training will ensure that the child will grow up to be astute and law –abiding contributors to the education (Machin 2005). The article clearly shows the reality that the teacher should be trained make a difference in the growing child’s enthusiastic mind to learn the day’s lessons on how to survive the complex world outside the four walls of the classroom. The article also shows that the U.K. government’s role in the education process is to encourage the system where the teachers have a successful interaction with the students. In this regard, the government continues to help in the building and upgrading of school buildings and premises. Likewise, the government’s focus is to be

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