Saturday, October 26, 2019

Critique on Relational Dialectics Essay -- Sociology Sociological Essa

Critique on Relational Dialectics A Theory by Baxter and Montgomery Relational Dialectics concerns itself with trying to explain the intricacies of close interpersonal relationships such as those with a lover, close friend, or family. Written by two women, Leslie Baxter and Barbara Montgomery, it comes across a little more "touchy-feely" than other theories. This Humanist quality in the way it iw presented allows myself to critique Relational Dialectics in the following fashion. According to Griffin, there are five standards that are reliable to the critique of Humanist theories, and they are: New understanding of people; clarification of values; aestetic appeal; community agreement; reform society. Taking a closer look. New Understanding of People This standard looks at whether or not the theory opens up a new perspective that is uniquely human. When trying to understand the laws that govern relationships, Baxter and Montgomery looked at many relationships and found that there were contradictions, different expectations, and several other misconceptions. This led the...

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