Tuesday, October 15, 2019

E-Commerce and E-Business Fundamentals Case Study

E-Commerce and E-Business Fundamentals - Case Study Example Amazon.Com is a leading online retailer company, offering many different items such as books, music, DVDs, videos, toys, electronics, software, video games and home improvement products. They have an estimated 22.5 million customers in 150 different countries. Amazon was founded in July 1995 by Jeff Bezos in the state of Washington. With Amazon.com, customers can search at home a database of millions books, CD's, DVDs, videos, software, video games, lawn products and even a pan for your kitchen. If you find the item you want, just add it to the shopping cart and then is needed to fill out an online form to specify the type of payment, shipment characteristics and even if it's a gift, the type and color of wrapping paper. Also today it is possible to access used and collectible items through their Shops and Amazon Commerce Network or going to Amazon Auctions or sothebys.amazon.com (Press release Amazon.com and Borders Group Announce Strategic Alliance, 2006). Amazon.com is rated as a company in the Internet software and services industry into the technology sector. The most important competitors for Amazon.com are E-Bay (on-line auctions and retail sales), Barnes and Noble (books sales and other products) and CDnow (on-line music retailer). They are also a Bricks and Mortar store, which E-Bay is not. Since 1998, Amazon.com has started expanding their operations. This allowed Amazon.com to purchase several small and medium Internet companies in order to help build a larger customer base. In the US market the most important part of growth has been the introducing new products and services besides the normal books, videos, and music. This goes right along with the company goal of being the place where customers can search and buy anything they may want on the Internet. Amazon.com has reached that goal and is visited and used by many. Page layout and navigation The structure of Amazon.com is most certainly representative of a great marketing effort on the part of the company. Amazon.com has a myriad of different marketing concepts which aid to the increased consumption and popularity of this great organization. With thirty-six product categories offered on the website, Amazon.com is bound to appeal to the consumer with its premiere marketing efforts and techniques Amazon.com's easy to navigate webpage and simplistic accessibility are both contributing factors to making it an outstanding website for internet novices and experts alike. From the moment you arrive at Amazon.com you are greeted with a laundry list of the top sales and deals on various products which are currently being offered. A couple clicks of the mouse and you are on your way to saving money with bargains that only this particular website has to offer. Amazon.com's ability to convey their numerous products through their website with discounts exclusive to Amazon.com is undoubtedly a great marketing effort. Amazon.com realizes consumers will be more apt to purchase items if they are discounted and money can be saved.

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